Monday, June 15, 2009

What we will miss and not miss about France

Chris and I have been talking about our upcoming move back to the states, and we keep mentioning the things we will miss and not miss. I decided to make a couple of Top 10 lists based on our conversations. It was a LOT harder to make the Top 10 things we will NOT miss!!!

Top 10 things we will miss about France...
10. Being SO close to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea!
9. Hiking in the Calanques and on Frioul.
8. Not being rushed to pay the check and leave at a restaurant. Always takes at least 2 hours to eat and you are never rushed to leave once you finish eating.
7. SUN...SUN...SUN!
6. The friends we have made here.
5. All the wonderful places to visit in Provence.
4. Our lovely apartment.
3. Easy, laid back pace of life.
2. Inexpensive wine!
1. THE FOOD! Fresh, seasonal produce, DELICIOUS fruits, duck, fish and seafood, eggs and milk that don't have to be refridgerated, baguettes, I could go ON AND ON.

Top 10 Things we will NOT miss about France...
10. Being harrassed by drunk and/or homeless people.
9. Language barrier.
8. The beef.
7. Inefficient bureaucracy.
6. Six hour difference between friends and family.
5. Not being able to watch TV shows easily or access certain websites.
4. Strikes
3. Dog mess on the sidewalks and graffiti everywhere.
2. SMOKING! Not being able to enjoy sitting outside at a cafe due to smoking or having to smell it just about everywhere.
1. Days and days of Mistral.

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