Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Conquering Pomègues Isle

Chris and I had lunch with our friend Jaclyn today at our favorite Indian restaurant in the neighborhood. Jaclyn is finished with her stay here in France, and is heading back to New York (she lives North of Westchester).

Her fellow teachers at work gave her a lovely bouquet of sunflowers, and she was unable to take them with her on the flight. So she left them with us.

After lunch, Chris and I decided to go hiking out on Pomègues Isle (part of the Frioul Archipelago). We had explored a section of it when my Mom was here, but we hadn't had a chance to see the rest of the island. Our goal before leaving Marseille was to see all of Frioul (minus the one island you can't get to without a personal boat).

On the way out to the island, there was a filming crew on the boat doing some sort of news broadcast. We kept thinking that the woman they were shooting would fall off the boat since she wasn't holding on. We never did find out what they were doing exactly, but it was entertaining to watch.

The weather was perfect for hiking...in the 70's, perfectly sunny, and the cool breeze kept us from getting sweaty. We found a lot of interesting things on Pomègues. More nazi bunkers, buildings, a fishery off the coast, beautiful inlet beaches, and gun ports. Chris & I were the only one's on the far end of the island, and the seagulls were not happy with us being there. They kept diving at our heads and making terrible noises at us. I felt like I was in "The Birds" and did not want to get hit by a raging gull. Chris just threw rocks at them if they got to close, but I was in duck and cover mode, running from one Nazi bunker to the next.

HERE are a few pictures

and some more are HERE

We found a perfect beach, minus the guy sleeping on it, to explore and wade in. We hiked the rocks around the beach to a more private one on the side, away from the sleeping guy. It was so quiet and relaxing. The crystal clear water was FREEZING, and I do hope it warms up so we can swim before we leave. We found some tide pools that had little sea anenome, an urchin, and little fishies that blended in with the rocks and liked to come right up to our feet. It was so much fun!

We hiked back over to the other island to catch the boat, but it was running late. So we ended up sitting at the port for an hour waiting for the boat to return. The ride back to the Vieux Port was also entertaining, since there was an American guy with three French guys trying to communicate. The French guys barely knew English, and the American guy barely knew French. They were also drunk, and drinking more beers on the boat, cracking up at everything they would say to each other. The French guys started singing "I'm to sexy for my shirt", but they only knew that line, so they sang it over and over. Then they knew how to say "Where is my umbrella?" Chris and I were silently cracking up at the whole conversation.

More pictures from our day can be found HERE and more HERE

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