Saturday, June 13, 2009

Walking along the Corniche

Nate, Chris and I spent the afternoon walking along the corniche here in Marseille. It was a gorgeous day to be out...even if it was close to 90 degrees. The plages (beaches) were packed, and people were covering the rocks either sunning or jumping into the cool water.

I was amazed by the groups of young boys diving and jumping into the sea from various rocks and high points. Brave or stupid, you be the judge, but I wish I had the guts to do it. They would jump, climb back up to the top of the rocks, jump again, and just keep repeating over and over.

It never ceases to amaze me the numbers of topless women sunning as well. Women of all ages will just lay out without their bikini tops on. The guys don't even seem to notice or care, which I can't imagine would ever be the case if the same thing happened in the US. I think it's wonderful that they are able to be so free with their bodies and not care. Plus, just think of the money you save only having to buy bikini bottoms without the tops!

We saw at least 4 wedding groups driving past, honking their horns and screaming out their windows. The Marseillais like to hang out of car windows to celebrate weddings, apparently, and I couldn't help think that one false move on those crazy streets, and a celebration could turn to disaster.

Along the corniche, there are long staircases where you can walk down to little, somewhat hidden coves. We had a great time exploring the coves and winding pathways.

We almost made it from Plage Catalan to Parc Borely, but we were getting hot and tired, so we hopped the bus back to the metro. I would have liked to walk the whole strip, but perhaps another day.

With the temperatures rising, I think Chris and I will have to go swimming in the sea very soon!


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