Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hiking to Callelongue

Last weekend, Nate, Chris & I decided to go hiking along the Calanques. Usually, we head over to Luminy Woods and go from there. However, this time, Chris had a map and we decided to be adventurous and check out some new trails.

We chose a trail to hike from a bus stop right outside of Marseille to a small town called Callelongue.

The bus ride to the trail head was a bit long, but a nice ride. The bus followed the beach along Parc Boreley. It was a beautiful day, and there were lots of people in the park walking, playing, there were people out in the water swimming, and the water was dotted with wind-sailers and sailboats.

We hopped off the bus and started on the trail. We asked a couple about the trail and they said it would be about an hour and a half hike to Callelongue. We were off!

As we hiked, we kept passing, and being passed by, a large group of French people. One of them spoke English and would ask if we would take pictures for them and they would take pictures of us.

The hike was very nice...but rougher than usual. Some points we had to do minor rock climbing. The trail began in the woods along the Calanque and eventually ended up being more rocky.

We had a great time hiking along. We stopped at one point and explored an old fort. There wasn't a door or entry way, so Nate found a spot where bricks had been stacked to hop over the wall. Someone had put concrete and peices on glass on top to prevent this, but the glass was worn down, and it wasn't that much of a detterent to stay out. There wasn't much inside the fort, but fun to walk around in.

Our hike to Callelongue took about 2 hours. Callelongue was nothing more than a very tiny fishing port. There were a few cafes and beach houses, but nothing more. From the parking area around it, it looked as though many people would drive to Callelongue and hike from there along the trails.

We didn't know where the bus stop was located, so we kept walking along the road until the bus passed us heading in the opposite direction. We had to run to get to the bus and luckily, we were able to squeeze in for the trip back to Marseille.

For pictures of our hike, check out the links below...

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Locked out and yummy regional food

Last Friday night, Nate, Chris & I stepped out of the apartment to head to dinner. They had been at the archives and to a conference all day, and all of us were ready to just kick back, relax, and eat some local food.

We stepped out the door, and Chris started to lock the door when he realized that I had left my keys in the lock inside the apartment. Once the door was closed, Chris could not put his keys in from the outside, nor could he open the door. We were locked out.

We attempted to bang on the door, use an umbrella to open it, and a credit card. Nothing worked. Panic set in. Chris had me call our landlady to see what our next step would be.

She told us that this had happened once before, and that she could call someone for us to come get the door open. It would cost us 100 euros!

I told her to go ahead and call and hung up. Chris kept messing with the door using a credit card and eventually, popped it open! I called our landlady back and let her know. We were SO happy to get back in! We grabbed my keys out of the door, and we were on our way!

The guys had me choose the restaurant, and so I decided on Le Resto Provencal at the Cours Julien. Perfect choice it turned out!

Nate, Chris & I had an apero of a sweet local wine. I wish I could remember the name...Parpadille or something like that. It was delicious!

For our first course, Nate & Chris had foi gras that was amazing! I had moule gratin that was equally delicious.

For the 2nd course, Chris had a meal similar to beef stroganoff that he really enjoyed. Nate and I had boullabaise...a traditional fish soup here in Provence. Chris said it tasted just like the soup he use to eat with his family and friends down at Callabash in North Carolina.

For dessert, Nate & I had creme brulee and Chris had fig tarte.

The meal was one of the best we have had here! We will definitely be going back.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm on YouTube talking about HypnoBirthing!

Last year, ParentsTV interviewed me at my office. It was aired on ParentsTV On Demand, and I just found out that it is also on YouTube. So today I got to watch it for the first time. :)

You can watch it too at

Frioul Island with Nate

Nate, Chris & I went to Frioul island while he was visiting us last week. We had a great time hiking. Even though Chris & I had been to the island before, we found new parts to explore.

There were parts of the old fort there that we had not found before. This time we had our flashlights with us so that we could go into the dark, rooms underground. I think I was the bravest one. :)

The hospital ruins on the island were not accessible, which was a shame. They are currently rennovating the area and we are unsure what they plan to do with it.

We hiked all afternoon and then watched the sun set over the horizon.

There is still another 1/2 of the island to check out and plus the attached island (by way of concrete walkway). We look forward to going back soon!

Pictures of our adventure can be found below by clicking on the links.

Frioul 1

Frioul 2

Frioul 3

Frioul 4

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Updates and Nate invades Provence

My apologies for not posting on the blog for a while. I have become addicted to Facebook and have been posting quite a bit on there.

I've been working on some Mp3s and going over the results of my Hypnosis & Knitting/Crochet study. Also planning our trip to Paris next month for a conference Chris will attend and speak at, as well as hiking as much as possible out at Luminy.

It's hard to believe that we only have 3 1/2 more months here in Provence! The time is flying by!

Chris received his funding for the coming year, so very pleased about that.

I found out that we are going to have another nephew or possibly a neice! Amy & Nick are expecting and we are excited about seeing our new family member over the holidays in December.

Our friend, Nate, is visiting us this week. He's one of Chris' collegues at Fordham.

He arrived on Saturday, March 14 in the morning. Feeling jet lagged didn't keep him from walking all over Marseille that day! We took him down to the Port, to Notre Dame de la mejor, around the Panier, and back home.

Here are our pics from the day

Nate is currently working on his dissertation proposal, and is doing some research while he is here this week.