Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Marseille with Mom

Update to an early post...which one, I'm not sure

One night while around the Vieaux Port with Mom and Chris, we were looking for a place to eat. There are lots of restaurants around that area, everything ranging from Vietnamese and Japanese, to Provencal, to Tunisian. However, looking for something we knew Mom would like, was a bit tricky. We knew she loves chicken, but it's rare to find chicken on a menu here. So we went from one restaurant to the next, looking at the menus, and trying to find something we knew she would enjoy. We had almost settled on one place, when Chris found the Buffalo Grill. Yes, a restaurant called Buffalo Grill here in Marseille...with grilled chicken, ribs, buffalo steak, all sorts of foods that you would find in America.

Mom really loved the "Kentucky Grilled Chicken." :) I had a buffalo steak that was simply OK, but the platter of food Chris ordered had some really good ribs on it.

The place inside was so funny. Cowboys and Indian pictures an statues, and felt like we were inside a Tumbleweed restaurant. It was fun!

May 21st

Today, Mom, Chris, and I relaxed most of the morning, and then went down to the Vieaux Port to a ceramics market that was only around for one day. There were so many lovely items, that I wish I could have bought more and had a way to easily ship it back to the US. Mom found a little ceramic item that was painted the color of the Mediterranean. I found a cute little kitty necklace that Chris bought me.

Chris took off for home to get work done, and Mom and I hopped the tourist train up to Notre Dame de la Guarde. It was a bit cloudy, but still a beautiful day to go up to the cathedral. Since it was a holiday (when is it not a holiday here in France?), they were having mass. Mom and I stood inside of for a while to watch. Then we walked around outside looking out over Marseille.

We took the train back to the Vieaux Port and decided to shop around at some of the local stores. We had a great time together!

I have a few pictures that can be viewed HERE

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