Friday, June 5, 2009

Nathan is back!

Nate has rejoined us here in Provence for 2 1/2 weeks. He arrived only a couple of days after Mom left. He will be doing research on his dissertation proposal while here, and also, doing a few fun things when he can.

June 1st
Today we went hiking out in Luminy. It was Nate's first time out there, and I think he was impressed. We brought sandwiches along and sat on a bench for lunch.

We took a new trail heading up the mountains, only to find that the trail would continue to wind up the mountain and over. By the time we got to the point where the hike starts going straight up, we decided to go a different route down the mountain a bit. We just didn't have the equipment, or the energy to tackle it.

It is amazing how the terrain has changed since we were hiking with Mom just a week or so ago. A lot of the flowers were gone that had been in bloom, and new flowers were growing now. There were tons of ants marching in lines looking like they were relocating to new areas (oh to be an ant living in the Calanques overlooking the Med...take that "A Bug's Life"). Wooly worms were walking along the path, and there were all kinds of strange, colorful beetles. The insects and gulls were the only wildlife out and about.

The day was gorgeous and perfect for hiking along the Med. There were a lot of boats out in the water and we could see people swimming down below.

When we came home, we had a gorgeous sunset out our window. Every time we hike, we come home to the most gorgeous sunsets. Something I will really miss when we leave.

CLICK HERE for pictures from our day.

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