Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day in Marseille

Today was our last day here in Marseille, and we spent the day packing and cleaning the apartment. We are so exhausted! It's really hard to pack up after 9 months abroad! Oreo is not pleased about the situation, of course. We only wish he could carry himself along with a carry-on and a checked bag to help us out.

We did our check out with our landlady and just finished mopping (at 11:20pm). Now all is left is to send some boxes via post tomorrow, and we are on our way back. We fly into Newark tomorrow night, where we will stay at a hotel. Then we have a very early flight on Thurs to Cincinnati. Chris' parents will pick us up and drive us back to Salem.

To "celebrate" our last night, we went to Le Resto Provencal for dinner. We sat at the Cours Julien, watching the little kids play on the playground, listening to the music of the busquers, and eating delicious Provencal food.

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