Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday night on the town

Chris, Nate, and I went down to the Vieux Port for dinner at a Tunisian restaurant. Nate ordered couscous with an assortment of meats (lamb, sausauge, chicken, and beef), and Chris and I ordered tajine's...mine with fish and his with mouton (sheep). The food was good, but it took me forever to pick through all the small bones in the tilapia.

After we finished our meals, we went walking around the port. It was a busy night with at least 3 bachelorette groups walking around, a large group of men who we think were the crews for the MedCup, and of course locals and tourists out to eat.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the MedCup this week. The race seems to be quite a big deal here in Europe, and it's great that we get to experience it before we go. The ships for the race are now in the port, so we got a good look at them up close.

The night was a bit chilly, but beautiful with the sunset. It was nice looking at all the expensive cars that were parked on the port and looking at the new yacht that has pulled in (the other two from Friday are gone).

HERE are pictures from our night.

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