Sunday, April 13, 2008

Everybody wants Chris

Chris has been awarded every major fellowship/grant that he applied for this year! He now has the summer grant to work on his dissertation, which is great news!

He was approved for the Fulbright, which means we would have been going to France either way! Unfortunately, he is unable to take it since he said Yes to the Chateaubriand fellowship. Plus, he was given Fordham's year-long study fellowship as well. He had to turn this one down too for the same reason.

I'm very proud of my intelligent hubby! He's worked hard for this, and even though he is unable to accept all of the fellowships/grants, he can at least write it all on his resume (which will be very helpful in the future).

Next, we need to...
*Get my passport updated
*Get our visas
*Find housing abroad (we may look into Axe on Provence as well as Marseille)