Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring at the Calanque.

Spring is here in Provence, and that means blooming trees, flowers, rain, and warmer weather. Last week we were not able to get out and enjoy the sunshine, since Chris was recovering from a cold. So when the sun was shining yesterday and weatherbug was saying it was at least 60 degrees outside, we took the opportunity to get out and go to Luminy for a hike around 4pm.

We usually don't head out for a hike that late in the day, but it was actually pretty nice considering most people were leaving Luminy as we arrived. We decided on a trail called "Rouge 6" which wrapped around the Calanque overlooking Morgiou, the very small fishing port we have seen from the overlook.

The trail started off fairly easy and flat. Lots of wild rosemary growing along it, and other wild herbs and flowers. The Calanques are starting to be more colorful now that Spring is here.

It started getting a little more rugged as we wrapped around with Morgiou down below. The only other people out there were two rock climbers on the side of the Calanque. We continued on the trail, not really knowing how far it would go, until we reached an impasse. Well, not an impasse for me, but for it was a rock wall with a chain attached leading downward. Chris decided that since it was getting late, we better turn around. I admit, holding on to the chain and looking down, it was a bit of decent to the trail again, but I was willing to do it. I'm not a fan of rock climbing, but the chain was comforting.

We turned around and headed back to the bus. It started sprinkling on our way back, and by the time we had reached the bus, it was raining. It was nice walking through the woods, listening to the rain.

Our decision to do so ended up being a wise one, after we got home and looked at the map. Apparently, Rouge 6 continues on around the Calanque and hooks up to one of the trains we have done before at Sugiton. If we had continued on, we would have had a very rough hike up the Calanque back to the bus, taking probably at least an hour. We would have been worn out! So, we know what to expect next time we want to do this trail.

On our way home, we picked up some desserts at a bakery a few blocks away. The ladies inside were very nice, and even spoke a little English to me. The French just take one look at us, and know we are not French.

We also picked up some of the most AMAZING strawberries we have ever had. I had heard from others that Provence had the best strawberries, but didn't quite believe it until I tasted them. WOW!!! They are truly delicious and something to experience.

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