Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lunch at our French friend's apartment

Today we went over to Fannie & Nico's apartment for lunch and an afternoon of relaxation (ie knitting for the girls, listening/chatting about music for the guys).

This was our first time having a meal in a French household, and we were in for a treat. The first thing we had was bread with terrine of deer. I really liked the terrine, even though I haven't enjoyed it in the past. It is similar to pate, only more moist. Our main dish was chicken curry and rice, which wasn't a traditional meal, but very delicious!

After we finished that, Fannie asked us if we wanted some cheese. Chris started laughing, and he explained that in the US, we don't eat cheese after a meal (unless you are in a very expensive restaurant and you get the offer of either a cheese plate or a dessert). Fannie said it's common to eat some cheese after you eat your main course, and before dessert. The assortment of cheeses were wonderful...chevre, tomme (my favorite), parmesan, and another one that I can't remember at the moment.

For dessert, Chris and I had bought a Gateau de Basque cake from Piccard and some Fruit Rouge Coulis (red fruit sauce). The Gateau de Basque is a almond flavored cake that is crispy on the outside, and so creamy inside.

After we finished eating, Fannie made us some tea and we spent the afternoon chatting about politics, the differences between the US and France, the best places to get groceries in the neighborhood, etc.

Their son, Gael, who just turned 3, is amazing. He kept asking us how to say things in English (since he understands that we speak English and not French). So he would ask, in French, how to say momma, baby, and Gael in English. He laughed when he realized that the words were about the same. It was so cute! He also had a Dr. Seuss book that he brought to us to show that he had a book in English. We are always fascinated by his grasp of vocabulary at his age and how advanced he is.

Fannie helped me sew the knitted pieces of my sweater together, since sewing is my least favorite thing to do. So I can't wait to wear my sweater this week!

It was a lovely afternoon with our friends! We are already planning our next day with them.

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