Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday, Chris and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful, sunny day and go for a hike out at Luminy. Chris wanted to hike down the Calanque to the little port town of Morgiou.

The trail down was steep, but not too bad. There were a few times when the gravel under our feet made it tricky, but we just took our time and I only fell on my butt once coming down. Maybe we should invest in some hiking poles?

It took less than 20 min from the top to the bottom of the Calanque, and the rest of the way to the little town was alongside a single lane road. Lots of cars were parked to the side of the road, but it was mostly tourists and hikers parking at the trail heads.

As we walked through Morgiou, we really felt like we were in Europe. We wondered at the prices of the little sea shantys, and imagined the people who lived in the quaint litte port. The only people around were tourists taking pictures, one fisherman, and a couple of other people who seemed to be locals. We only found one Cafe/Bar that had a good amount of people stopping for a drink and a snack.

While walking along the port, we saw the strangest thing. t first it looked like a snake the way it was moving across the pavement, but on closer inspection, it was a family of caterpillars! We had never seen anything like it before!

We saw a trail heading up the Calanque in the other direction, but it was bit rocky for us to do in the same day, plus we were on a time schedule to get back and for dinner and to watch Lost with Jaclyn. A trail for another time.

Chris wanted to head up the Calanque another way, back to the Rouge 6 trail where we had encountered the rock wall and chain last time. He wanted to face his fears and climb up the chain and head back to the bus from that direction.

He made it almost to the top of the wall, before having to come back down and take a breath. The panic and fear really got to him. However, after stopping for a few minutes, a little hypnosis pep-talk from me, he turned around and made it to the top! He conquered his fear of heights and was so happy he did. I was very proud of him!

We made it back to the bus and headed home to pick up a few groceries for dinner.

You can see our pictures of the day here

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