Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hiking to Callelongue

Last weekend, Nate, Chris & I decided to go hiking along the Calanques. Usually, we head over to Luminy Woods and go from there. However, this time, Chris had a map and we decided to be adventurous and check out some new trails.

We chose a trail to hike from a bus stop right outside of Marseille to a small town called Callelongue.

The bus ride to the trail head was a bit long, but a nice ride. The bus followed the beach along Parc Boreley. It was a beautiful day, and there were lots of people in the park walking, playing, there were people out in the water swimming, and the water was dotted with wind-sailers and sailboats.

We hopped off the bus and started on the trail. We asked a couple about the trail and they said it would be about an hour and a half hike to Callelongue. We were off!

As we hiked, we kept passing, and being passed by, a large group of French people. One of them spoke English and would ask if we would take pictures for them and they would take pictures of us.

The hike was very nice...but rougher than usual. Some points we had to do minor rock climbing. The trail began in the woods along the Calanque and eventually ended up being more rocky.

We had a great time hiking along. We stopped at one point and explored an old fort. There wasn't a door or entry way, so Nate found a spot where bricks had been stacked to hop over the wall. Someone had put concrete and peices on glass on top to prevent this, but the glass was worn down, and it wasn't that much of a detterent to stay out. There wasn't much inside the fort, but fun to walk around in.

Our hike to Callelongue took about 2 hours. Callelongue was nothing more than a very tiny fishing port. There were a few cafes and beach houses, but nothing more. From the parking area around it, it looked as though many people would drive to Callelongue and hike from there along the trails.

We didn't know where the bus stop was located, so we kept walking along the road until the bus passed us heading in the opposite direction. We had to run to get to the bus and luckily, we were able to squeeze in for the trip back to Marseille.

For pictures of our hike, check out the links below...

Gallery 1

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