Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Market Shopping

The weather today is quite gloomy and it feels like rain is on its way. The change in weather lately has been messing with our sinuses, and for me, that is odd because I haven't experienced sinus issues in a long time.

We wanted to go hiking today, but due to the weather, we decided not to. We had also wanted to get up early and go to the oranic market at the Cours Julien, but I didn't sleep well last night so couldn't get out of bed in time this morning.

Since we missed the organic market, after breakfast, we walked down to Castellane to the market there, and bought some fresh fish...salmon and shrimp. The shrimp are so fresh, they still have their heads on them! We also bought a huge baguette from a man who practically stuck it in our noses saying "Very good!" in English.

After we finished at the market, we stopped in at a gourmet Provencal deli that we have been meaning to check out. Chris has been wanting to try rabbit, so he bought enough for lunch. I refuse to eat rabbit, so I bought some supion (cuttlefish) in a tomato sauce.

Then it was off to the Patisserie! We have found a new one on Blvd. Baille near us that has a wonderful assortment of chocolates and baked goods. The woman who owns it makes everything in shop, and is super sweet and knows a tiny bit of English. We picked out some small chocolates and filled easter eggs.

Our last grocery stop was at the green grocer to buy some Provencal strawberries, salad items, and bananas.

It may seem like a lot of work going so many places to make two to three meals, but it's really quite fun exploring different places and having so many choices in food items. It's so different than simply walking into a super grocery store and getting everything at once. So much of the stuff we buy is also locally grown, which is the way we should do it in the US. The food is so fresh and delicious!

The only problem with all this food, is the dirty dishes that accompany it. :) I do miss our dishwashing machine.

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