Thursday, April 16, 2009


Chris is off in Paris today, doing a talk at a conference. He had a rough time getting up there, because his train got stuck about 30 min outside of Marseille this morning. They somehow got things back on track (pardon the pun) and he should be doing his talk later today.

We have been making a lot of plans for when we return to the states this July. We will be flying out of France on July 1st, staying the night in Newark, and flying out early on July 2nd to Cincinnati. Why Cincinnati you might ask? Because we were not going to pay $500 for a one way flight to Indy or Louisville.

We will be living at the Beck's for the month of July. In August we will be moving to....drum roll please....Bloomington, IN!

That's right! We have decided to move to Bloomington and start a family! Chris will be funded for another year to write his dissertation, so we have a year to live anywhere we want before he goes on the job market. We thought long and hard about moving back to NYC, or even to NH. In the end, we chose Bloomington. We want to be closer to family when we add to our family and we like the atmosphere that Bloomington provides.

Tomorrow, Chris' parents are going apartment shopping for us. We sent them a list of places to check out. It's weird having other people do that for us, but we feel confident they will do the job well. :)

Chris and I plan to return to NYC off and on for work and visiting. We will have to go there sometime this summer to get our things out of storage.

Just wanted to share our plans with you! We are very excited about the adventures that will follow our time here in France.

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Avatus said...

We're very excited for you too! I had a dream about it this weekend, in fact! It would be awesome if we could visit you there when we're in town at the end of the summer...