Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Updates and Nate invades Provence

My apologies for not posting on the blog for a while. I have become addicted to Facebook and have been posting quite a bit on there.

I've been working on some Mp3s and going over the results of my Hypnosis & Knitting/Crochet study. Also planning our trip to Paris next month for a conference Chris will attend and speak at, as well as hiking as much as possible out at Luminy.

It's hard to believe that we only have 3 1/2 more months here in Provence! The time is flying by!

Chris received his funding for the coming year, so very pleased about that.

I found out that we are going to have another nephew or possibly a neice! Amy & Nick are expecting and we are excited about seeing our new family member over the holidays in December.

Our friend, Nate, is visiting us this week. He's one of Chris' collegues at Fordham.

He arrived on Saturday, March 14 in the morning. Feeling jet lagged didn't keep him from walking all over Marseille that day! We took him down to the Port, to Notre Dame de la mejor, around the Panier, and back home.

Here are our pics from the day

Nate is currently working on his dissertation proposal, and is doing some research while he is here this week.

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