Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Locked out and yummy regional food

Last Friday night, Nate, Chris & I stepped out of the apartment to head to dinner. They had been at the archives and to a conference all day, and all of us were ready to just kick back, relax, and eat some local food.

We stepped out the door, and Chris started to lock the door when he realized that I had left my keys in the lock inside the apartment. Once the door was closed, Chris could not put his keys in from the outside, nor could he open the door. We were locked out.

We attempted to bang on the door, use an umbrella to open it, and a credit card. Nothing worked. Panic set in. Chris had me call our landlady to see what our next step would be.

She told us that this had happened once before, and that she could call someone for us to come get the door open. It would cost us 100 euros!

I told her to go ahead and call and hung up. Chris kept messing with the door using a credit card and eventually, popped it open! I called our landlady back and let her know. We were SO happy to get back in! We grabbed my keys out of the door, and we were on our way!

The guys had me choose the restaurant, and so I decided on Le Resto Provencal at the Cours Julien. Perfect choice it turned out!

Nate, Chris & I had an apero of a sweet local wine. I wish I could remember the name...Parpadille or something like that. It was delicious!

For our first course, Nate & Chris had foi gras that was amazing! I had moule gratin that was equally delicious.

For the 2nd course, Chris had a meal similar to beef stroganoff that he really enjoyed. Nate and I had boullabaise...a traditional fish soup here in Provence. Chris said it tasted just like the soup he use to eat with his family and friends down at Callabash in North Carolina.

For dessert, Nate & I had creme brulee and Chris had fig tarte.

The meal was one of the best we have had here! We will definitely be going back.

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