Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hiking along the Mediterranean

Chris, Jaclyn and I went hiking again on Wed in Luminy Woods. We love the ease of getting out there and how inexpensive it is (just a short bus ride there and back). Plus it's SO beautiful!

On this trip, we decided to hike down to the Mediterranean to be near the water. Most of the hiking path was flat concrete. However once you started going down towards the sea, the path became rockier and a bit more difficult for those not wearing hiking shoes. We also had to do some minor rock climbing at times to get down to the little secluded beach we found.

There were quite a few people out by the sea sunning, eating lunch, and just letting their kids play on the rocks. It was a gorgeous day to be there.

You can see our pics here

Jaclyn, Chris and I are going to look into hiking to Cassis (next town over from Marseille) if it's not too far of a hike. We could take a day and hike over there and take a bus back to Marseille. We will definitely have to do some more mini hikes to prepare ourselves...but it would be quite an adventure if we can do it.

We spent most of the afternoon out at Luminy. Not sure how many miles we actually hiked, but we were exhausted by the end of the day. It had felt like nothing getting down to the sea, but climbing back up-hill to the bus was slow going.

When we got back to our apartment, Chris cooked us walnut encrusted duck breasts with Spanish green beans and Jaclyn brought over dessert...homemade banana bread. We spent the rest of the night with our feet propped up watching episodes of Lost together.

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