Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frioul Island with Nate

Nate, Chris & I went to Frioul island while he was visiting us last week. We had a great time hiking. Even though Chris & I had been to the island before, we found new parts to explore.

There were parts of the old fort there that we had not found before. This time we had our flashlights with us so that we could go into the dark, rooms underground. I think I was the bravest one. :)

The hospital ruins on the island were not accessible, which was a shame. They are currently rennovating the area and we are unsure what they plan to do with it.

We hiked all afternoon and then watched the sun set over the horizon.

There is still another 1/2 of the island to check out and plus the attached island (by way of concrete walkway). We look forward to going back soon!

Pictures of our adventure can be found below by clicking on the links.

Frioul 1

Frioul 2

Frioul 3

Frioul 4

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