Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday is for eating raw seafood and chatting with bums in the grocery

January 18th, 2009

We decided to meet Jaclyn for lunch at Cafe Messena. Chris & I have been wanting to try the raw seafood there....oysters, mussels, snails and shrimp (which was cooked not raw), and urchin. The urchin turned out to be too expensive, so we just ordered a boat of the other items. We also ordered some supion (fried cuttlefish).

Jaclyn was brave enough to try an oyster, but ordered a separate, cooked meal.

The food was very interesting. I am a huge fan of sushi, but this raw seafood was so bizarre....slimy...and something I probably won't eat again for a while. It was an experience to say the least.

Check out our pictures here http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLanding.action?c=3saykfvv.cd6jz34z&x=0&h=1&y=3mf7hc&localeid=en_US

After we had lunch, we stopped by the grocery to pick up some food to cook for dinner. We invited Jaclyn to stay with us for the day and to have dinner later.

While checking out, a very smelly man behind us started talking to Chris. Chris offered (in French) for the man to go ahead of us since he only had a bottle of alcohol, and we had a lot of food to purchase. The man was obviously homeless and reeked of urine and alcohol. He heard the 3 of us speaking English, and in a very proper way, asked if we were from America, in English. We said yes, and he said he was from DC. The man continued talking to Chris in English and he said it was an honor to speak to Americans here. He was very nice, polite, and very interesting. He asked if we were all family (including Jaclyn), and we said no. Then he asked Chris if he had two wives, and I spoke up and said "No, he just has me." The man wished us a good day, and we picked up our groceries and left. It was very interesting speaking with him, and we couldn't help imagining why he was here in Marseille, of all places.

When we got back home, Chris started making a milk pie for dessert later, and I got to work on making some hot chocolate for the three of us. I used dark chocolate bars, one and a half to be exact. I even added a pinch of cinnamon, which was very good. We made some whipped cream to go on top, and I have to say, it was the best hot chocolate I have ever had!

For dinner, Chris made savory crepes of cheese, smoked salmon, ham, onions, and mushrooms. Yummy!

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