Friday, February 20, 2009

Hiking in Luminy Woods

February 18, 2009

Chris, Jaclyn and I took the bus over to Luminy Woods to go hiking. It only took us 30 min on the bus to get out there (Luminy is on the outskirts of Marseille). We had heard from others that the hiking on the Calanques out there was really nice on a warm day, and today was perfect! It was sunny and 50 degrees. Chris & I have been itching to do something in nature lately. We miss having the Zoo and Botanical Gardens down the street from us.

We didn't have a map of the woods, but the trails were easy to find and we weren't the only one's out hiking. I was actually surprised by the number of elderly men and women hiking out there.

The views and scenery were so beautiful!

You can view our pictures here...

We stayed up on top of the Calanques, but next time, we plan on taking the trails that lead down to the water. We found some great places that, when warmer, might be good places to swim. There were trails going higher up that Chris wanted to do, but we stuck with the middle path (guess we were Buddhist for the day).

We didn't see much wildlife out there...only a few little birds. There were quite a few hikers and even some rock climbers.

We only spent a few hours out there, since Jaclyn needed to get back to meet up with a friend. My legs were pretty sore by the end of the hike anyways, and we figured it was so easy to get out there, that we can go every week if we have the time!

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