Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Exciting Day

Sunset behind Notre Dame. Waiting for the inauguration.

I know there in the states it's still mid-day, but it's the end of the day here in Marseille and we have to say, it was an exciting day.

We went to the local grocery to pick up some food for dinner. We also decided that if there was a day to drink Mumm Champagne (our favorite), then today would be the day. Our next stop, was the boulongerie to get some bread. The female owner asked us if we were excited about today, and we said "Yes". She said she had bought a copy of La Provencal newspaper to read about Obama. She seemed excited as well.
After going to the vegetable and fruit stand, we stopped and picked up our own copy of La Provencal to see the news. Two pages were devoted to the inauguration with the title saying "The Immense Hope".

Chris did some work, as did I, waiting for the inauguration to be shown on CNN. We got our bottle of Mumm ready for when they played Hail to the Chief for President Obama.

Being here in France and watching the inauguration was really amazing. The two of us held hands and toasted the newly elected President. How exciting to witness this amazing day in history...our first African American President to take office only one day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. To watch President Obama take his oath and give his speech on TV really instilled a feeling of hope and happiness.

We were impressed with President Obama's speech and are interested to see what happens in the next four years. Being here in France, we know the hard times many are facing back in the states, and we keep thinking that positive things are to come. We know there is a lot of problems that need to be fixed, and that it is not going to be easy for our new President, but as his slogan says, we have hope!

Toasting the new President of the United States of America.

Oreo slept through most of the event. Being half white and half black himself, he knew that this day would come eventually. :)

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Camel in the Desert of Love said...

Awww. Oreo is so cute! Is he enjoying France too??