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Becks Invade Nice and the French Riviera: Day 1 (12/28/08)

Today, we got up early to get to the train station for our trip to Nice. This time, we only took small bags, which was much easier than bags and a suitcase. I highly recommend to anyone visiting France, to bring either a backpack or duffle bag with you for mini trips.

The train was on time, and we hopped aboard in no time. Our seats were all together this time around. The train ride was GORGEOUS! Views of the Mediterranean, mountians, vineyards, so many things to see on the way. The ride was about 2 hours, which wasn't bad.

We pulled into train station, and got a taxi to take us to our condo. The condo was only one block from the beach, and we could even see the water from our windows. The apartment had 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and full bathroom. It was very nice and comfortable for us. It even had a cute balcony with plants and a lime tree.

Jean, the caretaker, met us at the door. He was very nice, giving us tips on what to see and do. David had found this place listed on a rental site. The woman who owns it lives in Virginia, and Jean lives in France.

We were very hungry (I was starving), so had lunch at Le Gourmet which was only one block away. I had ravioli with a creamed truffle sauce that was delicious. The atmostphere was very cozy...almost had the feel of a lodge restauarant with the decor and dark wood paneling.

After lunch (eating here takes about 2 hours), we went to the beach. The beach in Nice is very long, spanning the length of the city. It is a pebble beach, so just a little bit of sand that has been brought in. The pebbles range in size and color, and are just so much fun to look through. Chris & I could have spent the entire time just treasure hunting on the beach. There was a lot of sea glass (glass that has been tumbled enough to look like little stones), so we started collecting it. I reached for a piece and a wave smacked right down on my feet...half way up my leg. I was soaked through my shoes! There were some guys up near the boardwalk laughing hysterically at me and yelling things to us in between laughs. It was quite funny, until later when it got colder outside.

We watched the sun set over the horizon.

We found our way over to the older part of town and found a holiday market, ferris wheel (seems like very French city has one except Marseille), and a small ice skating rink. We shopped around, and bought some marrons grille (grilled chestnuts) to snack on. The chestnuts are SO GOOD here!

We made our way back to the condo, since we were all tired. My feet were numb from the cold and I was ready to sit and do nothing. The guys ran downstairs to a Kebab/Pizza joint to get dinner. The pizza was probably the worse I have ever had (even worse than Sabarro's and Papa John's). It was like cardboard with greasy stuff on top. Tasteless. I have to say, when it comes to pizza, I'm very picky now that I have lived in Little Italy and even in Marseille (our pizza place tops some of the one's in Little Italy even!).

We relaxed the rest of the evening.

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