Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Walking in a winter Provence!

I woke up this morning around 9am, and fed Oreo his food and then looked out of the window to see something quite odd. SNOW! It was pure white outside and we couldn't see very far at all. I had to make sure I wasn't dreaming! Chris thought I was joking when I exclaimed "There's snow outside!"

Not just snow, but LOTS OF SNOW covering everything. It was snowing so hard, we couldn't see Notre Dame on the hill, or the mountains out our bathroom window.

According to the news, it started snowing this morning around 6:30am, after people had already started going to work and dropping their kids off at daycare. The news said that the whole area is under snow, and even over in Venice, Italy. All the trains, buses, plains, metro, and taxis are not running. The Mayor here in Marseille had declared that everyone should stay put, to not drive, and that your kids would be fine in daycare until later on.

I sat around all morning asking Chris "Can we go play in the snow now?" I finally got him out of the house and we went for a little walk around the neighborhood after the snow stopped falling around noon.

We were quite surprised to find that everything was open. Since a lot of people had already gotten to work before it snowed too much, they just kept a lot of the groceries and boulongeries open. There were people out and about everywhere. We saw two snowmen on the sidwalks, and a few kids having snow ball fights.

Chris attempted to build a snowman on the sidewalk, and it was so funny watching kids and adults stare at him as they walked by. I guess they had either (1) never seen a grown man make a snowman or (2) never seen a grown man make a snowman the way he was doing it. The snow was so wet, that he just took a small ball and kept rolling back and forth to make it bigger. He only made the bottom ball before deciding it was time to keep walking.

We bought some groceries and baguette, took a few pictures, and we came back home. Chris' shoes are not conducive to walking in snow, but thankfully, I have my Ugg boots so it's no problem for me.

Oreo tried to walk out on the balcony earlier and he got snow on his head. We thought about letting him out on the balcony to play, but figured he better not get use to doing that.

I measured 6" on our balcony, but I bet we got more than that.

The rest of the day we spent inside. We would have loved to walk to the port, but it would have been a long walk, and Chris probably wouldn't have been able to do it easily with his shoes. It's so nice looking out at the snow covered rooftops. Some of the snow has melted now, but it's still white.

It's a good thing that Carolyn and David flew home yesterday and not today. Our friend, Jaclyn, is stuck in Paris tonight because there is no way to get to Marseille until possibly tomorrow afternoon. Luckily, Air France is putting her up in a hotel tonight.

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