Thursday, October 30, 2008

French TV

Chris and I do not watch television very much here, but I wanted to blog about what we have watched so far.

The stations we receive here at the Citadine are quite mixed. In English, we have CNN International and BBC International. There is a movie channel that occasionally shows American or British movies. Today, I found that the German channel has news in English as well.

We also have MTV which is in French, but some of the shows are English dubbed over in French. So when we are watching a show on MTV, we can hear both the English speakers and the French dub over at the same time. It makes it difficult to watch, listening to two languages simultaneously. The music videos are a mix of American and world singers. MTV here is just like it is in the US...they play the same music videos every single day. Chris & I have come to the conclusion that French artists shouldn't rap.

There is one show on MTV that we have watched a couple of times now called "Kiffe ma mere", which I think means "Date my Mom". It's English dubbed over and the show is absolutely ridiculous! We only watch it when it's on because it's just so scripted and absurd that it makes us laugh.

CNN and BBC International are all gloom and doom, so we only watch those to see what the euro to dollar rate is on any day. We have found we can watch Daily Show online so we can get real news there. :)

The French stations during the day love to show game shows, dubbed American soaps, cartoons, and home shopping shows. The home shopping shows are so funny. We watched one today that was for men's hair growth cream. The informercial looked like it was created in the 70's.

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DBStinnette said...

(1) The Daily Show is "not" real news.

(2) Please send generous supply of the men's hair growth cream.

(3) The well-regarded man on the steps is an alien from the mothership, collecting reports from the sleeper agents. Please do not contact him unless you have completed your List of Those to Be Spared When the Conquest Begins.