Sunday, October 5, 2008

Exploring the City

Yesterday we were feeling less jet lagged, so we decided to start exploring our new city. We got up late (still getting use to the time change), and went to the Vieux Port (old port).

At the Vieux Port, we had lunch of moules frite (steamed mussles), pomme frite (french fries), pan (bread), and rose vin (blush wine) at Collins Cafe. We were able to sit outside and not be near smokers, which was great. The food was fresh and delicious. The vin was fruity, crisp, and unlike wine in the states. It's so much better, probably because it is made right here in Provence and doesn't have to travel far before it is consumed.

We walked around the port, over to the fort. We walked up into the tower, which was a mini museum. Afterwards, we walked around the fort and I saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time (minus our flight into Marseille). It is so beautiful! Very blue, and a lake. It was a little windy (as you can tell from our pics below). Next, we went to the cathedral nearby and walked through it. Then it was off to Le Panier district where we waundered around for a bit...looking at the tiny streets.

I have added more details to the photos from the day. You can view them by going to

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