Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food and Drink in France

Chris & I are thoroughly enjoying the food and drink here in Marseille. We have not only gone to some wonderful cafes and restaurants, but have also cooked some delicious meals at home.

This was a meal that Chris cooked for us. He made pork chops with a tomato/red wine sauce. The vegetables you see are Legumes Noisettes...vegetable nuts. They are balls of carrot and broccoli that are breaded. They are frozen, and very easy to cook up on the stove.
To drink...a wondeful Bordeaux wine.

This is our nightly ritual...dinner in front of a movie or TV show online. This is one of my favorite breast! We can buy a breast of duck for 5 euros and split it between the two of us. Chris also cooked some spanish green beans, and we had hummus for an appetizer.

The wine is a rose Bordeaux that was excellent.

I should have taken a picture of the French toast Chris made me this morning. (I guess we would still call it French toast even when eaten here in France). :)

We love buying little foods to make up meals. For example, the other night I bought a salad that had smoked salmon, shrimp and pamplemousse (which is my new favorite word meaning "grapefruit"), a baguette, some Manchego cheese from Spain, salmon egg and cream cheese spread, an olive tapenade, hummus, and quince preserves.

Speaking of quince, if you have never had this delectable fruit, you MUST! Just don't eat it raw or you will have cotton mouth. We bought two the other night, and some raw sugar cubes and cooked it all together like applesauce. It was SO good!