Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love/Dislike Relationship with Maids

Having a maid has it's perks...less laundry to do, we don't have to do the cleaning, and dishes get done without complaint.

However, there are some disadvantages to having a maid too. For one, we have to put Oreo in his carrier and go down to the lounge for 30-45 minutes while they clean our room. It is very annoying not know what time they will show up. We had thought we had the schedule figured out...before noon on Wednesdays. However, this week no maid on Wednesday. Thursday waited around, and still no maid. We asked the front desk when we could expect her, and he was as puzzled as us. He said she would come sometime Friday, but couldn't give us a time.

Friday, we waited, and waited, and she finally came in the afternoon. We left the room and came back to find that some things were...well, different. Little things that most people wouldn't notice. Like the toilet paper we had purchased not being on the roll anymore...and instead, the nasty, hotel toilet paper being there. (I guess she just threw the rest of our toilet paper that was on the roll away?). The maid also will not let handsoap be in the kitchen. Since our water closet isn't next to the bathroom, Chris puts a little bar of soap in the kitchen for us to wash our hands. The maid continues to remove the bar of soap (again, I guess she throws it away), and put new soap in the bathroom.

Another thing she did this time, which was rather funny, was that when we opened our bed, what did we find? Chocolates? No. We found a cigarette lighter. Now, I know the French like to smoke, but they didn't need to leave us a lighter on our bed. (I think it must have just slipped out of her pocket, but it was funny nonetheless.)

We have one more maid visit before we move to our new place. We'll see what happens that time.

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