Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food and drink continued...

When we were in Aix, Chris found the drink Irn Bru in the international bookstore. He wanted me to take this picture specifically for Ryan & Natalie, since it is a British drink that Ryan loves.

This is the meal Chris cooked last night. Pork chops, green beans, and what we thought was sweet potatoes. However, when we cut into them...
We found out that they were something else! They were a combination of white and sweet potatoes. We didn't really like them. The Bordeaux we had was excellent with the food...and Chris even used some of it make a sauce for the pork chops.

The dessert here has been fantastic! Yesterday, we had pain de chocolate which is like a croissant with chocolate inside. We like to buy bars of chocolate at the grocery with different things inside of them...liquors, fruits, cacao beans. Last night we had mini cheesecakes with blueberries that we bought at the grocery. The chocolate mousse is also very good. The next thing I want to get is nutella crepes. They have stands all over the city where they sell these on the streets and they smell so yummy.

Even with the rich food and drinks, I don't think we are putting on too much weight. :) We walk a lot in the city and always walking back and forth to the grocery carrying our items. When we move to our new apartment, we will stay nice and fit as we have a 5th floor walkup!

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