Friday, October 3, 2008

Few words before bed

We ended up not making it to the old port tonight. I was feeling a bit jet lagged while shopping, and decided we should come home and rest. We looked all over the Centre Bourse (mall), and couldn't find a hairdryer for under 20 euros. I really need to find one soon!

Right next to the supermarche (grocery) is a sushi restaurant. So, we picked up a couple of to go boxes before heading home. The sushi was pretty good....not as good as Haiku (our favorite place in Bronxville, NY). But hey, I'll take sushi whenever I can get it.

I took a few pictures and posted them here on the blog for everyone. I love the ruins in front of the Centre Bourse. There are cats everywhere, and last night we saw an old woman feeding a few of them. Tonight, we saw one getting ready to catch it's supper...a big fat rat. The ruins are a big open playground for les chat.

Just a few things I wanted to mention about today...

Julie, at the Egide earlier today, had made a few comments I just had to post because they were so funny.

When asked if there are unsafe areas in Marseille that we want to avoid, she said, "Marseille is very safe. We have no guns."

When asked about one of the arrondisments (areas in the city), she said, "It's not that this area is unsafe...the people there are just poor, and nobody wants to see that."

When the fire alarm was going off she said, "Ah, it's a fire...we are all going to die," and then went right back to getting our paperwork organized.

Off to bed...Bon Soir.

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Avatus said...

Pictures are awesome. Don't forget to take pictures of the local wildlife: cats, rats, dogs, frogs, hawks, and such...

Glad you guys are keeping your site up! We'll be checking it daily! =D

Did the weekend clear up your jet lag? What's your week look like? When do you start working? What is Kat upto while you're slaving away at the library?

"Silly Americans... we have no guns here. France is crime free and completely safe!" I did a cursory review of Marseilles crime (as you probably already have) and found that Le Pen's (Prime Minister responsible for domestic policy) crack-down on crime actually did help reduce the raging crime in France. However, as you can imagine, those "unsightly poor people" (oft sumarized as simply the Muslim immigrant population...) are prone to loot your l33t gear should you prove too shiny a target. The State Department among other sources provides some bandwidth on the subject:

Regardless, can't wait to hear more stories. I miss France and look forward to seeing you in a couple of months! Stay safe.