Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rain Rain, Go Away...

Our beautiful sunny, warm days have been missing this week. In their place, rain, clouds, and le mistral (incredibly strong winds). Most of the week was only cloudy and cold and rain off and on. The past two days, le mistral has been hitting us hard, but it has been warmer. Today, it looked like a hurricane outside with the rain, wind, lightening and thunder.

Chris was speaking with a French guy at the archives, and he said that this weather is atypical for Marseille. I think it's hard to say anything is typical anymore when it comes to the weather thanks to global environmental changes. If Indiana can get hit by the aftermath of a hurricane from the Atlantic, anything is possible.

The weather report for this week is more of the same. Not going to be easy for us to to move all of our stuff if it's raining. Guess we will be opting for a taxi after all.

We were going to go for a walk this afternoon, right before this crazy storm hit. Yesterday, we got out for a walk around Le Panier and Euromed neighborhoods. Saw a few things of interest, but not very much. Uploading the pictures soon and will add them tomorrow.

It's completely dark outside and it's only 17:38 (5:38pm). Ugg, for daylight savings time. It's even darker in our little Citadine room, since a circuit blew yesterday. The light in the water closet, the lights in the kitchen (minus the one over the stove), and one of the wall sconces in the main room are out. Chris went down and told the guy at the front desk that we were without lights, and the guy asked him if he had flipped the circuit breaker...which we had. Chris came back up, hours passed, and still no one to take a look at it. Chris had to go down again and tell them that we were still without 1/2 our lights.

A guy came up here to replace the circuit, but he couldn't fix it. So we are just dealing with it since we will be out of here soon. There is suppose to be a repair guy coming tomorrow morning.

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DBStinnette said...

Hurricane Ike, which hit Indiana, was from the Gulf, not the Atlantic. And we often get remnants of hurricanes from the Gulf, although typically it's rain or thunderstorms. Can't blame that on global environmental changes, imaginary or otherwise.