Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leaving the Citadine (November 4th)

Chris & I got up early to finish packing and get ready to move to our new place. We were very smart to have brought a few things over yesterday when we met Cornelia to get the keys. We could have moved in last night, but one last night with internet was too appealing.

We checked out of the Citadine at 11am, and took a taxi to our new home. Chris spoke with the taxi driver about the US election. Our driver was afraid that if Obama wins, he will get assassinated. He said that the US wasn't ready for a black president. This man was part Algerian, and he said there is a lot of racial issues here in France. He worries that race will become more of an issue in the US if Obama is president. (Of course, I didn't know what they were saying, but Chris filled me in later).

I did not enjoy the ride over. Driving in Marseille is worse than New York. Yes, hard to imagine for those of you who have ever been in a car in New York City. The streets here are SO SMALL, and should be one way, but they are not. Plus, cars park halfway in the street and half way on the sidewalks...on single lane streets. We were flying through these tiny streets, and I just knew we would hit someone, or someone would hit us. Nothing like that happened, but it was scary nonetheless.

We arrived at our new apartment just in time to meet our mailman. He was very nice. We told him we were from New York and would be living on the 4th floor.

It only took us three trips to get our stuff upstairs. We were panting by the end of it! Someday, we will live in a building with an elevator. On the other hand, it's great exercise to have to climb to your home.

Our new apartment is LOVELY! The only downside is that we are suppose to shut the shutters when it rains to keep the paint nice on the windows (water proof paint anyone?). Of course, it rained again today, so we were only able to look out for a short while. Our view from the kitchen is of Notre Dame de la Guarde, and from our bedroom and bathroom, the mountains in the distance.

We do not have internet, but should have it in 2 to 3 weeks. On the TV, we get about 6 or so channels, all in French. Today we watched a strange movie that was dubbed in French called “Le Enfant Imaginere”.

I absolutely love our apartment! I finally feel like I'm in France! It's a bit strange using other people's things (silverware and kitchenware, sheets, etc.). I just think of it like living at a beach house for 8 months.

Oreo is settling in. I don't think he feels at home just yet, but he's having fun exploring all the nooks and crannys. We call him “cubby bubby” since he loves the cubbies in the closet.

There are a few things I don't think the French use...toasters/toaster ovens or chest of drawers.

Chris went to the local supermarche to pick up some litter for Oreo and dinner. He bought a salmon quiche that was good, but not too filling amazingly enough. We had to chase it down with some coffee and nutella (my new favorite thing!).

I got most of our things unpacked and put away. A few things are left to organize tomorrow.

Nell will call us tomorrow with the election results. Keeping our fingers crossed for Obama.

Tomorrow we are going to go to the organic market at the Cours Julien and get a few supplies for our new home. Hoping the weather clears up. I'm very sick of the gloom and rain.

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