Sunday, November 16, 2008


Our piano playing neighbor downstairs apparently gives music lessons on Thurs and Fri mornings at 9am. So on those days, we are awakened by music (singing and piano). It's fine, but after not sleeping well at night thanks to Monsieur Oreo, it would be nice to sleep in.

Oreo enjoys staying up late and running like a mad cat through the apartment, bouncing onto the bed, and leaping from me to Chris. He also likes to claw at the front door, the cabinets in the kitchen, and meow constantly. I don't know why he does this, but it's quite annoying night after night after night. We are getting use to it and are getting better at ignoring him, Chris moreso than I. I guess he is preparing us for one day when we have a baby and are up throughout the night.

For the most part, Oreo has settled in here. He has become strangly fascinated with the front door, thinking he wants to go out in the hall and down the stairs. We let him venture out a bit last night, just to see what he would do. I rang the doorbell, and he ran back inside. I don't know why he wants to leave so badly. Missing New York perhaps?

I have set up chairs so he can look out the windows. He occasionally enjoys doing that, but for the most part, he likes sleeping in the chair (he was never fond of sleeping on furniture before, but now he loves it), and being where ever his parents are in the apartment. I don't let him out on the balcony, since I'm afraid he might jump on to one of the roofs on either side of us. There are just too many stray cats in this city, and Chris thinks that it's because people let their cats go out on balconies, and they roof hopped away. I doubt very much Oreo would leave, but I think he's fine inside.

He wasn't very happy last night with Nell and Dylan here, but he eventually came out and said Hello.

Oreo is not a fan of French TV. When I watch it, he acts funny, just as he does when we say French words to him.

We are very glad we brought him with us. It wouldn't be home without him! He's really been quite the trooper and I don't think any other cat would have fared as well as Oreo. He's really special.

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