Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 Weeks To Go....

It's hard to believe we are already at the two week mark! Where does the time go?

A couple of weeks ago, we took Oreo to the vet up in Scarsdale. The vet clinic was very nice and helpful. He had his rabies vaccine updated and had a few knots combed out of his fur (they used a furminator brush that is so cool, I ordered one as soon as I got home), and got his microchip. Now he is a bionic kitty. He has to go back for a 2nd appointment 10 days or less before we fly to have his airline certificate signed.

We have gotten a lot done in preparation...booked the movers today, set up a bank account in France, set up the 2nd vet appointment for Oreo, and getting things organized for my final days of work.

We just returned from a short trip to IN. Had a great time seeing friends and family. Something we didn't expect to have was level 1 hurricane winds from Ike! We were without electricity out at the Beck's for 22 hours, and Mom didn't get electricity back for almost 48 hours. So many trees were destroyed, and the area looks like tornadoes hit. I know that those in the South had it much harder than we did, and I can't imagine having winds worse than that along with rain. Luckily, the rain bypassed us, so we just had to contend with the crazy winds.

This weekend will be my last at my office, which is hard to believe. I have a few more days on top of that to finish some in-home HypnoBirthing classes and do some hypnosis sessions by phone. I received a call today from a woman at who wants to do a story on HypnoBirthing. I will be interviewed on Friday and will let everyone know when it is to be on.

Chris finally got his proposal cleared and now is getting to work on his database. He has also been looking everyday for apartments. We have a place we can live temporarily once we get there, but we would prefer to find something before we move. I found a lovely apartment online and we are waiting to hear back from the real estate agent about it. Keep your fingers crossed that we get it!

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Avatus said...

Yay! We are sorry we couldn't make it to your big hurrah. We will be following your adventures religiously!