Thursday, September 25, 2008

One Week To Go!

In just one week, we will be flying to Europe! I'm starting to get more excited, and less nervous about the move. We went to the storage facility today and put a deposit down for our movers. After that, we went up to Bronxville to our favorite sushi place, Haiku, before we move. Then up to White Plains to do some last minute shopping for the trip.

Our apartment is an utter disaster area, but more and more things are finding their way into boxes. I really wish Oreo would do more work, though. He sleeps while we do all the packing. He won't be too happy tomorrow since he has to go to the vet one last time.

I did my last HypnoBirthing class last night. This past weekend was my last weekend at the office...and I handed the keys off to Dawn. Feels so strange knowing that I won't be really working for 9 months. I am going to be working on my online hypnosis store, and I'm playing with the idea of doing hypnosis session via Skype or some other internet program.

We decided to get rid of our couch, so yesterday we dragged it into the hallway, and hung up signs in the building saying "Free Couch". Within a few hours, it was gone. We have a few other pieces of furniture we don't want to keep, so we will probably just do the same with those. As for clothes we don't want to keep, we are going to donate them to the little church down the block.

Tomorrow, we are going to take the afternoon and head up the Hudson to check out a few towns we are interested in living in when we return to NY next year. Nate, Chris, and I are going to take the train and explore Dobbs Ferry, Tarrytown, and maybe a few other places. We figured it would be a good idea to see the areas in person now, so when we return, we have a good idea of where to look for an apartment.

We decided to wait until we get to Marseille to find an apartment. We will be staying at the Citadine for a month, giving us plenty of time to look for a place to live for the remaining 8 months.

Time to study French.

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