Thursday, August 21, 2008

6 Weeks To Go...

Yesterday marked only 6 weeks to go before we move to Marseille!

I started my French lessons last week with Nate. So far, I'm doing well with learning the basics....a bit confused with numbers, but there's nothing new with that. :)

We have been contacting people about apartments, and haven't found one yet. We do have a place to stay for up to 2 months if we can't find something before our move, so at least we have a back up plan.

Next week it's back to the visa office....and this time we ARE going to get our visas.

I've started packing things around the apartment. I have 3 plastic totes now sitting in the living room where the book case once stood. The whole move is starting to feel REAL now. (lump in throat).

We are excited about our upcoming Bon Voyage party at the Beck's in Sept. Looking forward to seeing friends and family one last time this year.

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