Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Planning continues...

The planning for our big move continues. Our passports are ready, and now we have to get our visas. We have a few trips to IN coming up to see everyone. In Sept, we are planning our Bon Voyage party to be held at Chris' parents in Salem. Will keep you updated on that.

I have been neglecting my French studies...I know, not good. :) I just have such a fear of learning a foreign language (years of Spanish and 1/2 a semester of Chinese in college flash before my eyes). I have been thinking about hiring a tutor or someone to keep me on task for learning. Of course, once we move there, I will be surrounded by French which will help me learn rather quickly. I just want to know some basic things so I don't look like "un idiot."

Chris is still working on his proposal. He needs to kick it into gear to turn it in before heading to IN next month.

Still too soon to find an apartment in France. I look now and then online, but everything is for either this month or next. Next month and Aug should be easier to find something.

That's all for now. Stay tuned! :)

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Jacob said...


Have you looked into Alliance Fran├žaise? I take German at the German analog to AF, the Goethe Institute. They teach the EU standard curriculum and you would be able to continue your studies in France.