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April 29th, 2009

After eating breakfast with the family, we walked over to the Vieux Port to catch the mini tourist train up to Notre Dame de la Guarde. We figured it would be the easiest way to get up there, without having to go on the hot, smelly bus. Plus, Chris & I had not yet taken it, so we were curious to see what it would be like.

The trip started around the Vieux Port, and then headed up into the tiny streets towards the sea. It drove along the corniche up the hill to Notre Dame. The view of the sea on our way there was beautiful, and we saw lots of interesting houses along the way. We disembarked at Notre Dame, and Chris & I showed the family around the cathedral. It was a sunny day, so we could see for miles all around the city.

We took the train back to the port, and were a bit late in finding a place to have lunch. The restaurants only usually serve between noon and 2pm, and it was already 3pm. We were lucky to find a place that would serve us! I can't recall the name of the restaurant, but it was only a block from the port. The food was decent, and we enjoyed ourselves. Although I did learn a valuable lesson...never go to the bathroom without Chris.

I had walked up to use the restroom on the second floor, and asked a waiter up there where the toilettes were located, he pointed to a door, and said to me, in English, "Where are you from?" I told him the US, and he asked where, and I told him New York City. He smiled and said it was a pleasure to meet me. I walked into the restroom, and found that there was only one stall and it was occupied. I stood there for a few minutes, and figured I would just wait and walked out of the restroom. The waiter was still there and said "You are very beautiful." He grabbed my hand and kissed it, then pulled me to him and said "let me give you a kiss" then proceded to kiss both my cheecks. I was shocked, and stood there thinking "is this for real??" I smilled, and quickly returned to the table downstairs and recounted what had happend. Chris was livid, but I told him it was fine. We all had a good laugh over it and left the restaurant to go walking around.

Chris & I took the family over to the other cathedral, Notre Dame de la Major, and then we headed back to our apartment to sit and relax before dinner.

For dinner, we went to the Cours Julien neighborhood nearby and took the family to our favorite Provencal restaurant, Le Resto Provencal. We were still full from our lunch, so didn't eat very much, but enjoyed the meals.

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