Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Update


I have been slowly learning French and looking into classes. My friend Kelley knows of a free French class on Sunday mornings that we are going to attend in a few weeks.

Everyone keeps asking me "What are you going to do in France?" Isn't it funny how Americans think you always have to be "doing" something? Why can't we just BE and enjoy life?

I plan on traveling as much as possible, enjoying the city of Marseille (Kelley talked us into moving there), eating wonderful foods and drinking wine, and just enjoying myself! I won't have a work visa, so I won't be able to work while there. I do plan on having my Hypnosis Mp3 website up and running before then to make some residual income while abroad.

Everyone keeps saying they are going to come visit, which is great, but we may have to start charging a bit of rent! :) We are not even sure how big of an apartment we will have, so it is really hard to plan to have company so early. We would love to see friends and family while there, even if Chris does have to work.

Oreo still doesn't know our plans, but he is wondering why there are stickers on everything (French language stickers). We are going to start researching what we need to do for him to go with us. As far as we know, we only have to get him either a tattoo or an implant and update his rabies vaccine.

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Joscelynn said...

I don't know. "How will you be being in France?" Sounds like an awkward way to ask about your trip. :P